ingeniería y montaje de instalaciones de media y baja tensión

Instalaciones contraincendios

Electric installations

Emenasa has more than 60 years of experience in the implementation of all kinds of electrical installations.

  • We construct electrical substations up to 220 kV.
  • We carry out the engineering and the installation of medium voltage and low voltage systems.
  • Study and calculation of installations for energy-saving.
  • Prefabricated conduit installations for up to 4000 A.

Diseño y construcción de cuadros eléctricos

construcciones mecánicas para el sector industrial

Mechanical installations

We carry out all kinds of mechanical constructions for the industrial sector.

desarrollo de armarios electro-mecánicos

ingeniería y montaje de instalaciones de media y baja tensión

Special installations

We provide all the installations that industry needs:

  • Fire-fighting installations
  • Access control
  • Voice and data
  • Fibre optics

Instalaciones contraincendios

Diseño y construcción de cuadros eléctricos

Design and construction of electrical panels

We develop all kinds of electro-mechanical cabinets, both for power distribution and for control.

We manufacture high and low-voltage panels to the highest quality standards and tailored to the needs of our customer.

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